In progress…Sorta.

 Alright, so I have “attempted” #3 hold my breath for two minutes and guess what! I couldn’t do it. After several tries and many dizzy feelings later I realized that maybe just maybe this will take a lot more effort then I originally thought. But not just that, the list in general was going to require lots and I mean LOTS of time and effort. Like this blog it’s all I’ve been mostly doing for the past two days and while I wasn’t doing it, it was consuming my every thought. Damn. I gotta pull it together before it gets to the point where I’m not able to finish this list until the start of Junior Year. I’m not saying I’m going to change the bucket list so that everything’s easier and less time consuming but instead like my business teacher always told me, learn to manage my time. It’s a scary thought but Its the only way. The only way to finish this list that I am oh so mad at myself for making and committing myself to. But I am determine to keep this commitment, complete this list and inform my fellow bloggers on what’s happening as each item is checked off. Well I’m going to go google ways to hold my breathe longer and in the meantime I want you to ask yourself this question: How do you manage your time?
So long until next update!


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