Just Pure Laziness

Yes, I admit it. I have been slacking since I’ve made the list (which was about a 1 1/2 weeks ago) I should have gotten atleast 3 of them done by now. No, instead I’ve gotten one done and wasted a whole lot of time. But in other news my buddy cheyenne has just created a blog on wordpress! Woo hoo (check it out @ tadacheyy.wordpress.com)! I feel so proud. So check it out! Well now its time to double time all of my work and hopefully finish by my deadline! Like I said in my prior post “Learn to Manage My time”. Yea…so far that isn’t happening. Cheers to Laziness! Stay tuned for next update and hopefully by then I have finished another item on the list :) Wish me luck and don’t forget to subscribe!

Plus in the meantime: Can you tell whats wrong with this image?

Thanks for reading! Adios!

Just Plain Awesome.

Ginger Bread house…with a candle.

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