#36 Learn More American Sign Language

First off let me start by saying, WOOOHOOO! My lazy streak is finally over and I’ve finally took down another list item. I feel so accomplished.

Well anyways, after much procrastination I finally got around to doing #36 : Learn More American Sign Language. Alright, let me give you the background on this list item.

Back in 3rd grade, I decided to join sign language club (just like in the movie Napoleon Dynamite). There I learned my abc’s, how to count and basic terms. For example, school was when you clapped your hands twice (almost like applauding school but I beg to differ) and toilet was when you make the letter T sign and flick rotate your wrist back and forth. After participating in the club i considered myself a sign language expert for about a year. But then, tragically one day I realized how much of a beginner I was. So depressing for my little fourth grade self.

Alright, fast forward to about 2 weeks ago. While making my list, I tried to remember some  childhood disappointments and then I remembered sign language. There by creating the idea for #36 on my list.

Now that you read about the background, it’s time for my oh so interesting adventure learning more sign language. At first, I googled “sign language for semi beginners”, which was indeed no help. All that came up was the abc’s, which I already know, and counting. So then I googled “Sign language for intermediates”, and that was far to complicated. So you know what I did? I downloaded an app on my iPad. Even though it cost me $1.99, this app taught me words like have, love, bitter and bisexual. So I may not be intermediate quite just yet but I’m slowly but surely getting there.

This may not have been the most interesting blog in the world but boy did I feel happy when it was accomplished.

ASL T(toilet)

A S L.....T(tiolet)

#36 Learn More American Sign Language: Check!


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  1. Wow.Your blog looks really cool.

    I saw your post in the forum-came by to check your blog out.


  2. I’ve been learning ASL and my iPad app helps A LOT! I had learned some previously to getting the app but the same thing happened to me and then I decided I needed to step up my game :) Good job though

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