#73 Eat Sushi

Spicy Shrimp Sushi

Yes, I ate it. I actually consumed one of the many japanese delights throughout the world. But, before I tell you of this “life changing experience” (not really). You must understand the story behind it.

Setting: A lovely warm saturday evening in my neighborhood.

Characters: Greta (me) and “Doug” (not real name).

After, the previous nights outings with my friends, I felt the strong need to take a deep breath and relax. But, knowing me that never ends up being the case. See, I’m one of the people who hates and I mean HATES being bored. I always have to be doing something or I may go insane, I’ve been like that since I was a small child.

So, out of boredom I texted my friend “Doug”, whom agreed to go for a walk for me. While going for this walk, we gossiped about the latest from our friends and school. And also schemed for our future outings (stay tuned). Once it started to become dark out, we had to make a decision. Either leave each other or spend the night at “Doug’s”. Even though, earlier that day I had been exhausted, I decided to go to “Doug’s” house, for the night. BEST DECISION EVER (sort of).

Once I had packed my belongings and went over to her house, “Doug’s” mom offered me some sushi. So, I thought “why not?”, and I tried it.

It was maybe an inch and a half across, surrounded by rice and a cucumber. With some spicy shrimp in the center. I ate it whole. At first it tasted kind of bland ,but slowly but surely the flavor started bursting in my mouth. First, I tasted the rice, then the cucumber ,then the shrimp with all of its spiciness. And, let me tell you it wasn’t half bad. I mean it isn’t my favorite food in the world ,but it was alright. But the best part was the after taste. Kind of weird, right?

I have officially completed another list item. SUCCESS.

#73 Eat Sushi Check.

Stay tuned for future accomplishments.


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  1. Haha while it is “technically” sushi, thats rookie stuff. Try a piece of ahi ahi tuna that is not cooked, except for being cinged on the outer edges. They cut it off the fish and barely cooked it on the edges. Thats not even full fledged sushi.

    Try some ahi ahi tuna sometime. Its soo good.

    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/ba/Seared_Ahi_Tuna_Steak.jpg <<Ahi ahi tuna.

    http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1031/1319823020_9dc48a39de.jpg <<< now thats some sushi!

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