Hi and welcome to the bucketlist4teens! This is a blog site completely dedicated to my bucket list of 100 things to do before my sophomore year list of high school. Including, all of my odd, crazy, insane and nutty adevntures along with it!

Most updates are posted 1-2 weeks after the previous because it takes time to complete list items.

Click on the tab “The List” on the menu bar to see the list and the completed and uncomplete items.

Also check out my contact infotmation tab to contact me.

And just to let you all know my site is open for guest bloggers! So just shoot me email with a idea and I’ll respond!

So subscribe and stayed tuned for more of thebucketlist4teens!


Some questions I have recieved about the blog:

What inspired you to create this list (specifically the blog)?
Actually, I wasn’t the one to come up with the idea to create the bucket list. My friend Hayley waa actually the person who planted the idea in my head. Originally we were going to do it together (which we still kind of are) but I started focusing alot of time and energy to create this list and eventually it pretty much became my own thing. The blog was actually created because of the list because it was one of the list items and I couldn’t figure out what else to write about.

  1. Well done for being inspired enough to do this! It took me 33 years and a lot of emotional trauma to figure it out! Check out my list here: http:emmasbucketlist.com/thelist :)

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