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#93 Make Soda Popsicles

It’s finally summer and theres nothing better to celebrate with but one of the best summer time foods, a popsicle. But not just any popsicle, a soda popsicle and heres the story behind it.
Who: Eva, Ariana and I (I actually used real names!)

What: chilling, eating some soda popsicles
When: last wednesday
Where: my cottage
Why: just cause

Alright, so earlier yesterday afternoon I made the popsicles just because I felt like it and then forgot about them. When I finally remembered there exsitance in my freezer I was with my cousins Eva and Ariana and we were just chilling out and gossiping. So, I thought why not share these creations with them and so I went and grabbed them. As we consumed on the diet soda flavor popsicles, we actually enjoyed them! So heres how to make them:
Materials: Soda of your choosing, a popsicle shaped ice tray and a freezer.

Step By Step:
1. Open can.
2. Pour can of soda int nice tray until almost filled.
3. Put in Freezer.
4.Wait 2-4 hours to freeze.
5. Eat up!

Not very complicates at all.

My final review? It was good, nothing special but it does make for the perfect summertime treat. Sorry, this post is so short but you really can’t say much about this topic.

#93 Make Soda Popsicles: Check.

11 Down 89 more to go.

Stay Tuned.

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#80 Throw A Wild Party

Attempted Pyramid

Define wild. When some people thing of the term wild they imagine a huge group of people drinking and dancing and then other people think of undomesticated animals. But when I think of wild I imagine a large group of friends doing crazy things and having a ton of fun and under that definition that is how I completed #80 Throw A Wild Party.

Who: my parents, brother and 30 of my friends

What: end of the school year party at my house
When: the beginning of the school year through last Friday
Where: school and my house
Why: to celebrate a year of memories together and for surviving our freshmen year of high school

On the first day of freshmen year, I walked in a totally different person from what I am now. I walked in confused, anxious and terribly nervous. But after a few months past I began to morph in my new self, even though I lost a few friends along the way (maybe more than a couple), I gained a new totally awesome group of friends. Now I’m outgoing, strong-willed and just plain and simple happy. Specifically 3 girls have changed me, “Kathy”, “Doug”, and “Francis” (not real names) thank you so much and I love you guys!

When I arrived at my final days of school I knew a party must be thrown. For three reasons: one was to celebrate the end of school, two was to commemorate a great year of school and three was to see my friends one last time before I left for my cottage for 2 months.The next task after deciding the party should be thrown was to beg on my hands and knees to my parents to let me have it and finally after a week of deliberation they said yes and from there I began planning.

The party was set to be last Friday 5-8pm. At their party there would be a slip n’ slide, junk food galore and other games. The days leading up to it were stressful but in the end I managed to plan it, get all the stuff for it and invite everybody (35 people in all invited).

When Friday came the day was spent sprinting around and getting ready. Before I knew it, it was five o’ clock and people began arriving, once everyone had arrived (about 29 including my brother and his friend) the party officially began. Immediately people began sliding down the slip n’ slide, devouring the junk food and talking. We also attempted to make a pyramid (see picture) but it never quite worked out. By the time the 3 hours gone by parents were arriving, I was hugging everyone goodbye and wishing them a good summer, the food was gone, the slip n’ slide was about to fall apart and the yard was trashed. Once everybody was gone I spent the next hour restoring the lawn.

Now when I look back on it I’m thankful I did it. Plus the party went off with very few hitches and within my definition of wild this indicates a list item well done.

#80 Throw A Wild Party: Check.

Also, do you remember the blog I mentioned two posts ago (#35) yeah well we are planning to guest blog together soon so keep reading!
Stay Tuned.

#27 Plant A Tree

Recently, my biology class has been studying humanity and its impact on the environment around us and one of the topics that was included was: deforestation. Deforestation results in loss of natural habitat for countless spieces. And a possible result? EXTINCTION.

Now think of this: What if you were one of the countless animals loosing their homes to humans and you could do NOTHING about it. Yeah, I would be pretty mad, too. So, that’s what inspired my next list item. #27 Plant A Tree.

Yes, I know I’m getting all environmentalist on you. But this really struck a chord with me and influenced my actions.

And like all of my previous bucket list adventures there’s a story behind it and it isn’t only my biology class.

Who: “Kathy” (not real name) and I

What: Walking from the high school to “Kathy’s” House.

When: Earlier Today.

Where: The Side Walk.

Today, has been a record-setting day for what is usually, cloudy rainy central New York. The weather actually hit 90 Degrees (Mind Blowing!!!!) and it was sunny out. So, “Kathy” and I (not being adjusted to such warm weather) were literally (well not literally) sweating to death and so we decided to take a little swim in “Kathy’s” pool. Originally, we were supposed to be joined by two other girls (who shall not be named) but one had a doctor’s appointment and the other had a ton of homework, so it was just us two.

So, after school ended we set out for her house. On the way we discussed countless subjects like school, drama and other teenage gossip. But, like always I brought up my bucket list and ranted on, on how much I wanted to complete another item and so I thought “why not plant a tree”. And so the plan was born.

After returning from “Kathy’s” house, did my homework, tended to my pet tad poles (see #37 Carve My Name Into A Tree) and did what ever else I do, I finally remembered my plan. So I set out to my back yard with a pine comb in hand and dug a whole in the woods and planted the pine comb.

After returning from the tree planting, I thought about it and then something crossed my mind:What if every single human in the world planted a tree? We would save countless animals and guarantee and better future for our planet (not unless we all die in 2012). So I came up with a challenge for all of you people out there to do.

CHALLENGE: Plant a Tree.

It’s that simple and it takes less than five minutes. So, while you all go planting your tree’s, I’m going to go complete some more list items (stay tuned).

#27 Plant A Tree: Check.