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#35 Dance In A Down Pour

Whenever you’re in a large group of friends, you’ll always take a few really good memories from it. This memory in particular though, just so happened to be on my bucket list too.

Who: “Doug”, “Francis”, “Eli”, “Franky”, “Shelly”, “Erik”, “Red” (not real names) and I.

What: Sleepover at “Eli’s” house

When:Last Night/evening

Where: The woods and Eli’s House

Why: Cause we’re just that cool.

Alright, last week myself and 7 other friends spent the night at “Eli’s” house. Right off the bat we started with a nice tranquil (not!) hike in the woods. After much screaming, yelling, and laughing, we came across a monarch butterfly. Being the nature lover I am, “Francis”, “Franky” and I walked away totally unamused and began teasing the other girls who were staring at the bug like it was the Mona Lisa.

After awhile, our little trio decided to ditch our other 5 friends and attempt to find our way back to “Eli’s” house. After many reckless decisions, we finally came upon “Eli’s” house and just as we arrived, it began to down pour, so we sprinted for shelter to await the eventual return of the others.

After only moments of reaching shelter, we began to hear screaming and yelling coming from the other 5 girls. Then suddenly you just saw them full on sprinting towards the house. IT WAS HYSTERICAL.

When they all finally arrived soaking wet, “Erik” (who knew of my bucket list) reminded me and all of the other girls about #35-Dance In A Down Pour. Immediately, we removed everything that could be damaged, sprinted into the rain and began dancing (or for me…its like synchronized twitching).The next half and hour went a little like this: Dance, talk, laugh, attempt stupid stunts.

And that’s how I completed #35 Dance In A Down Pour.

#35 Dance In A Down Pour: Check.


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