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#37 Carve My Name Into A Tree

My Pathetic Attempt of carving my name into a tree. G-R-E-T-A

Here goes the tale of how I managed to destroy my index finger and successfully complete another list item.

My three best friends and I were plotting to take down a couple more list items. Which included, a silly string fight and a water balloon fight. But we needed supplies. So, after school last thursday we picked up our stuff and set out for our destination; The Dollar Store. There we purchased, over 400 water balloons, 4 cans of silly string and just for the fun of it, glow sticks. In all, we had spent a little over $10. Thank you, Dollar Store. We set a date for the next saturday (which is yesterday now) to do our series of fights, where we would also have a sleepover.

Now let us back track, to the reasoning for why this never took place.

Last weekend, I had contracted a virus where I had a very sore throat, a cough and a stuffy nose. After a doctors visit, at least two boxes of tissues and the usage of every over the counter cold medicine possible, I still couldn’t get rid of it. So, for the next week I suffered through it. And unfortunately, for “Fergie” (not to use real names), I had given her this virus. And she could no longer participate in our series of fights. Oh the tragedy!

Being the good friends we are, “Doug”, “Britney” and I decided we couldn’t take part without Fergie, so we cancelled the fights. But the sleepover between the three of us remained.

That Saturday, Doug, Britney and I, did a series of activities such as destroying water melons, getting a bunch of tad poles and making the decision to “raise them” (names: Lafwanda, Jimmy, Fern and Micheal Angelo) and making Dunkin’ Donuts runs. We also, wanted to complete another bucket list item, but simply couldn’t find one that we were at that moment capable of.

So, after they left today, I decided to complete a list item, sense I had not been able to priory. And that’s how ,#37 Carve My Name Into A Tree, came into play.

I figured it was easy enough. So, I grabbed my brothers pocket knife and set forth in the drizzling rain, to the woods in my back yard. Found a tree and began carving. After a half hour and several curse words later, I had finally managed to carve the letters G-R-E-T-A, into a tree. But, still cut up my index finger in the process. Ouch. But, I did accomplish another list item and that’s enough for me.

#37 Carve My Name Into A Tree: Check.


#11 Start a Blog

Okay, I started the blog and everything to me seems to be so confusing! I’ve been trying to get the word out about it and by trying to get the word out I mean repeatedly googling ways to advertise your blog and clicking on every single link. And since I’m a teenager  I cant spend any money on it. Every time I read something it says stuff like submit your domain name to a web directory but then when I go to the web directory it sometimes requires money or the whole process is just plain confusing. Maybe I’ll just rely on the power of the people to spread the word! Oh well atleast I got 1 of the hundred things to do done.