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#93 Make Soda Popsicles

It’s finally summer and theres nothing better to celebrate with but one of the best summer time foods, a popsicle. But not just any popsicle, a soda popsicle and heres the story behind it.
Who: Eva, Ariana and I (I actually used real names!)

What: chilling, eating some soda popsicles
When: last wednesday
Where: my cottage
Why: just cause

Alright, so earlier yesterday afternoon I made the popsicles just because I felt like it and then forgot about them. When I finally remembered there exsitance in my freezer I was with my cousins Eva and Ariana and we were just chilling out and gossiping. So, I thought why not share these creations with them and so I went and grabbed them. As we consumed on the diet soda flavor popsicles, we actually enjoyed them! So heres how to make them:
Materials: Soda of your choosing, a popsicle shaped ice tray and a freezer.

Step By Step:
1. Open can.
2. Pour can of soda int nice tray until almost filled.
3. Put in Freezer.
4.Wait 2-4 hours to freeze.
5. Eat up!

Not very complicates at all.

My final review? It was good, nothing special but it does make for the perfect summertime treat. Sorry, this post is so short but you really can’t say much about this topic.

#93 Make Soda Popsicles: Check.

11 Down 89 more to go.

Stay Tuned.

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#41 Go Mini Golfing

Faster is always better. Well sometimes, but still in this case it is. Now let’s reminisce on this memorable experience.

Who: The members of the student newspaper and I.

What: End of the Year Dinner

When: Last Wednesday evening

Where: Olive Garden and Putters Paradise

Why: To celebrate a year well done for the newspaper members

I’m on the student newspaper at my school. I love being on it, writing for it and hanging out with the people participating in it. So, when I was invited to the end of the year dinner I was siked! Originally the plan was just to go to Olive Garden for dinner but soon after I arrived I found out we were also going Putting at Putters Paradise (very cheesy name). So, after a quite hilarious dinner, I hopped in my friend’s car and we were on our way and note this was around 8:30pm.

When we arrived at what was about 8:40pm, we were told they were closing at 9:00pm (cue the sobbing) but get this! The oh so kind lady at the front desk said we could play for free since there was only twenty-minutes left! YAY! And so began the speed mini golfing.

Since I’m also on the school golf team, I (not to brag) rock at putting. On the very first hole, which we sprinted to, I got a hole in one. Hell yes. The next couple holes went by in a blur. All we did was laugh a lot and whip golf balls towards the holes.

When it finally came time for us to leave I found myself quite satisfied with our adventure. It was quite The memorable twenty minutes.

#41 Go Mini Golfing: Check.

Stay Tuned.