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#41 Go Mini Golfing

Faster is always better. Well sometimes, but still in this case it is. Now let’s reminisce on this memorable experience.

Who: The members of the student newspaper and I.

What: End of the Year Dinner

When: Last Wednesday evening

Where: Olive Garden and Putters Paradise

Why: To celebrate a year well done for the newspaper members

I’m on the student newspaper at my school. I love being on it, writing for it and hanging out with the people participating in it. So, when I was invited to the end of the year dinner I was siked! Originally the plan was just to go to Olive Garden for dinner but soon after I arrived I found out we were also going Putting at Putters Paradise (very cheesy name). So, after a quite hilarious dinner, I hopped in my friend’s car and we were on our way and note this was around 8:30pm.

When we arrived at what was about 8:40pm, we were told they were closing at 9:00pm (cue the sobbing) but get this! The oh so kind lady at the front desk said we could play for free since there was only twenty-minutes left! YAY! And so began the speed mini golfing.

Since I’m also on the school golf team, I (not to brag) rock at putting. On the very first hole, which we sprinted to, I got a hole in one. Hell yes. The next couple holes went by in a blur. All we did was laugh a lot and whip golf balls towards the holes.

When it finally came time for us to leave I found myself quite satisfied with our adventure. It was quite The memorable twenty minutes.

#41 Go Mini Golfing: Check.

Stay Tuned.