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#91 Tie Dye A Shirt


Like I said in my previous post, the end of the school year is here and to celebrate not only did I throw a party but I also (you guessed it) tie dyed a shirt. Do you remember the post #35 Dance In A Down Pour? Well, with that same group of friends at the same event decided to tie dye ahirts.

Who: “Red” , “KiKi”(not real name), the people from Post #35 Dance In A Down Pour, and I
What: tie dying shirts the night before the last day of school
When: last Saturday through Monday
Where: “Red’s” house and School mainly
Why: to show how awesome the girls of the class of 2014 are

After waking from the previous nights adventures at “Kiki’s” house we decided that the next day (Monday) we should all go in wearing matching outfits. Now you must know that, that night I was going to “Red’s” house for our annual last day of school sleepover (ever since fourth grade). So after much deliberation we settled on doing tie dye shirts, jean shorts, flip flops, briads and bandanas (coordinated to the color of the shirt). After a while more of deliberation “Red” and I were appointed as the makers of the shirts since we were spending the night together that night.

So, the plan was set, “Red” was to get the shirts and the supplies nessacary and around 9pm that night I was to go to “Red’s” house and help her out. But this kind of tie dying wasn’t your traditional tie dying, it was cheaper and less messy and heres hon to do it:

Supplies: White T-Shirt, A pack of sharpies, rubbing alchol, a cup and 2 plastic bags, eye dropper.

Step by Step:
1. Take the sharpies and on the white t-shirt create your desired design (words, hearts, smileys).
2. Lay down the first plastic bag on a flat surface and then lay the shirt with design side up on top of it (if designs are on both sides of the shirts then insert the 2nd plastic bag inside of the shirt to avoid color bleeding).
3. Place a cup under part of the design.
4. Fill the eye dropper with alchol.
5. Release the alchol onto the design.
6. Repeat steps 3-5 until whole design is finished.
7. Leave to dry over night.
8. Done!

Any questions?

This may seem complicated but its easier then you think! See, the jobs were distrubuted between “Red” and I, I was to do steps 2-6 and “Red” was to do step one (which is alot of work!). In all we tie dyed eight shirts successfully and it took us about 1 hour (not to shabby I must say) and look no mess!

The next day the shirts were dry and ready to do, so “Red” and I took them to school and distrubuted them to the six others girls. And let me tell ya’ , we rocked those shirts!

#91: Tie Dye A Shirt: Check.

Stay Tuned.