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#50 Play Paintball

"Tiger" and I

This past Wednesday my brother finally hit the milestone age of 13 and entered the realm of teenagedom. Earlier tonight was his birthday party and guess what kind of party it was! You guessed it, a paintball party. Now here’s the story:

Who: “Tiger” (not real name), my brother, my brother’s neurotic friends, and I.

What: My brother’s 13th birthday party.

When: Last Tuesday through Today.

Where: My house, school and the paintball range.

This whole adventure began last Tuesday, it twas a lovely afternoon and I was conversing with my brother. I said, “So [insert my brother’s name, which I shall not mention to protect his privacy] are you excited for your paint ball party this Friday?”. In return, he said something along the lines of, “Yes I am! In fact, since some of my friends can’t come why don’t you come and invite a friend?”. And that’s exactly what I did and I invited my friend “Tiger”.

The next couple days until that Friday were filled with anticipation and boy was I excited! When Friday finally arrived and the clock struck 5pm, my brothers friends arrived We hopped in the car and were on our merry way.

When we arrived at the front desk about a half hour later, we were greeted with waivers stating they were not responsible for any injuries (oh boy). That right off the bat was a sign of what was to come. Next we were given guns, masks and our ammo, the paint balls. After several spills and much fittling, we were prepared to head out. Now this to me was a scary idea because I was worried about it hurting (the guy told me it hurt like getting slung with a really wide rubber band) but I sucked it up and headed into the range along with 15 or so other people. The rules were simple; you get shot your out, two teams and no firing in the preparation area. Simple. For the first round we were split up into two teams I, along with my brother and some of his friends and some other people versus Tiger and some other people.

The guy called the start and immediately I ran for cover but not long after that I was hit for the first time and it did hurt. Luckily though, I realized that the paintball had bounced off of me (thank god) and I was still in (later, I found out Tiger had been the one who shot me, little wench). Before I knew it, my team had won the first round, woo hoo!

The next couple rounds went like this; start, sprint, shoot, dodge, try not to get hit, laugh, curse, repeat, win, end. But, the last round was different, right off the bat, I was shot in the arm and it hurt! And tragically it had splattered and I was out. Damn. Oh well, for a while there I was dominating but I guess not in the end.

After my team lost, the party came to an end. We shared our welts in agony but overall it was a great experience and I would definitely do it again!

#50 Play Paintball: Check!!

Stay tuned.