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#43 Say Yes To Everything For A Day


Have you have seen the movie Yes Man? Where Jim Carey says yes to everything and has insane adventures because of it? Now take that a minimize it to a day of saying yes to everything and thats exactly what I did.

Who: Ariana, Dylan, “Knight”, “Mac”, I [some names not real names]
What: Saying Yes to everything for a day
When: Last Saturday- Tuesday
Where: Sodus Point, NY
Why: Because it’s on the list

All of this insanity started last 4th of July weekend, where Ariana and I were plotting our weekend
adventures (Please note this is at like 3am and we are extremely over tired (we were attempting to complete #40 Pull A All Nighter)). So, we as always, whipped out the bucket list and chose a few items like #2 Go Skinny Dipping, #34 Build A Giant Sand Castle, and (the only one we actually completed) #43 Say Yes To Everything For A day. So, beggining then we were to say Yes to everything for the next 24 hours. But, don’t worry there were rules; No saying yes to anything: abusive, sexual, drug or alchol related and no breaking the law.

At first it seemed extremely easy, but once we attempted #2 that went down hill pretty fast, as in the water was way to cold and wavey. So, we restarted the 24 hours of yes Round 12:30pm. And thIs is when our friend Dylan came over and he agreed to play the yes game with us. First it started light stuff like turn the TV on and dance but then as the game progressed we began getting harder and harder challenges such as go run down to the beach and back. Basically, the idea was to torture/annoy eachother. Shortly after my cousins showed up “Mac” and “Night” and we stupidly told them what we were doing. They immediatlely began bossing us around with stuff like give me a soda and a foot rub, just nonsense. The rest of the night went on in this manner, just completing non-senseful things. Some other people joined in but it wasn’t anything super exciting.

Even though in the movie ‘Yes Man’, Carol (Jim Carey) is brought on a whirl wind of adventures but in real life the case is far different. I only found myself in situations that I would rather not do and I didn’t learn much from it either. But, some good chuckles were shared and the limits of the human conscious were pushed. Worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? No.

#43 Say Yes To Everything For A Day: Check.

Stay Tuned.

*Sorry it’s been so long sense the last post, I’ve been just so darn busy!


#35 Dance In A Down Pour

Whenever you’re in a large group of friends, you’ll always take a few really good memories from it. This memory in particular though, just so happened to be on my bucket list too.

Who: “Doug”, “Francis”, “Eli”, “Franky”, “Shelly”, “Erik”, “Red” (not real names) and I.

What: Sleepover at “Eli’s” house

When:Last Night/evening

Where: The woods and Eli’s House

Why: Cause we’re just that cool.

Alright, last week myself and 7 other friends spent the night at “Eli’s” house. Right off the bat we started with a nice tranquil (not!) hike in the woods. After much screaming, yelling, and laughing, we came across a monarch butterfly. Being the nature lover I am, “Francis”, “Franky” and I walked away totally unamused and began teasing the other girls who were staring at the bug like it was the Mona Lisa.

After awhile, our little trio decided to ditch our other 5 friends and attempt to find our way back to “Eli’s” house. After many reckless decisions, we finally came upon “Eli’s” house and just as we arrived, it began to down pour, so we sprinted for shelter to await the eventual return of the others.

After only moments of reaching shelter, we began to hear screaming and yelling coming from the other 5 girls. Then suddenly you just saw them full on sprinting towards the house. IT WAS HYSTERICAL.

When they all finally arrived soaking wet, “Erik” (who knew of my bucket list) reminded me and all of the other girls about #35-Dance In A Down Pour. Immediately, we removed everything that could be damaged, sprinted into the rain and began dancing (or for me…its like synchronized twitching).The next half and hour went a little like this: Dance, talk, laugh, attempt stupid stunts.

And that’s how I completed #35 Dance In A Down Pour.

#35 Dance In A Down Pour: Check.


*I would also like to put a shout out to <<CHECK IT OUT!*

#50 Play Paintball

"Tiger" and I

This past Wednesday my brother finally hit the milestone age of 13 and entered the realm of teenagedom. Earlier tonight was his birthday party and guess what kind of party it was! You guessed it, a paintball party. Now here’s the story:

Who: “Tiger” (not real name), my brother, my brother’s neurotic friends, and I.

What: My brother’s 13th birthday party.

When: Last Tuesday through Today.

Where: My house, school and the paintball range.

This whole adventure began last Tuesday, it twas a lovely afternoon and I was conversing with my brother. I said, “So [insert my brother’s name, which I shall not mention to protect his privacy] are you excited for your paint ball party this Friday?”. In return, he said something along the lines of, “Yes I am! In fact, since some of my friends can’t come why don’t you come and invite a friend?”. And that’s exactly what I did and I invited my friend “Tiger”.

The next couple days until that Friday were filled with anticipation and boy was I excited! When Friday finally arrived and the clock struck 5pm, my brothers friends arrived We hopped in the car and were on our merry way.

When we arrived at the front desk about a half hour later, we were greeted with waivers stating they were not responsible for any injuries (oh boy). That right off the bat was a sign of what was to come. Next we were given guns, masks and our ammo, the paint balls. After several spills and much fittling, we were prepared to head out. Now this to me was a scary idea because I was worried about it hurting (the guy told me it hurt like getting slung with a really wide rubber band) but I sucked it up and headed into the range along with 15 or so other people. The rules were simple; you get shot your out, two teams and no firing in the preparation area. Simple. For the first round we were split up into two teams I, along with my brother and some of his friends and some other people versus Tiger and some other people.

The guy called the start and immediately I ran for cover but not long after that I was hit for the first time and it did hurt. Luckily though, I realized that the paintball had bounced off of me (thank god) and I was still in (later, I found out Tiger had been the one who shot me, little wench). Before I knew it, my team had won the first round, woo hoo!

The next couple rounds went like this; start, sprint, shoot, dodge, try not to get hit, laugh, curse, repeat, win, end. But, the last round was different, right off the bat, I was shot in the arm and it hurt! And tragically it had splattered and I was out. Damn. Oh well, for a while there I was dominating but I guess not in the end.

After my team lost, the party came to an end. We shared our welts in agony but overall it was a great experience and I would definitely do it again!

#50 Play Paintball: Check!!

Stay tuned.

#27 Plant A Tree

Recently, my biology class has been studying humanity and its impact on the environment around us and one of the topics that was included was: deforestation. Deforestation results in loss of natural habitat for countless spieces. And a possible result? EXTINCTION.

Now think of this: What if you were one of the countless animals loosing their homes to humans and you could do NOTHING about it. Yeah, I would be pretty mad, too. So, that’s what inspired my next list item. #27 Plant A Tree.

Yes, I know I’m getting all environmentalist on you. But this really struck a chord with me and influenced my actions.

And like all of my previous bucket list adventures there’s a story behind it and it isn’t only my biology class.

Who: “Kathy” (not real name) and I

What: Walking from the high school to “Kathy’s” House.

When: Earlier Today.

Where: The Side Walk.

Today, has been a record-setting day for what is usually, cloudy rainy central New York. The weather actually hit 90 Degrees (Mind Blowing!!!!) and it was sunny out. So, “Kathy” and I (not being adjusted to such warm weather) were literally (well not literally) sweating to death and so we decided to take a little swim in “Kathy’s” pool. Originally, we were supposed to be joined by two other girls (who shall not be named) but one had a doctor’s appointment and the other had a ton of homework, so it was just us two.

So, after school ended we set out for her house. On the way we discussed countless subjects like school, drama and other teenage gossip. But, like always I brought up my bucket list and ranted on, on how much I wanted to complete another item and so I thought “why not plant a tree”. And so the plan was born.

After returning from “Kathy’s” house, did my homework, tended to my pet tad poles (see #37 Carve My Name Into A Tree) and did what ever else I do, I finally remembered my plan. So I set out to my back yard with a pine comb in hand and dug a whole in the woods and planted the pine comb.

After returning from the tree planting, I thought about it and then something crossed my mind:What if every single human in the world planted a tree? We would save countless animals and guarantee and better future for our planet (not unless we all die in 2012). So I came up with a challenge for all of you people out there to do.

CHALLENGE: Plant a Tree.

It’s that simple and it takes less than five minutes. So, while you all go planting your tree’s, I’m going to go complete some more list items (stay tuned).

#27 Plant A Tree: Check.