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#91 Tie Dye A Shirt


Like I said in my previous post, the end of the school year is here and to celebrate not only did I throw a party but I also (you guessed it) tie dyed a shirt. Do you remember the post #35 Dance In A Down Pour? Well, with that same group of friends at the same event decided to tie dye ahirts.

Who: “Red” , “KiKi”(not real name), the people from Post #35 Dance In A Down Pour, and I
What: tie dying shirts the night before the last day of school
When: last Saturday through Monday
Where: “Red’s” house and School mainly
Why: to show how awesome the girls of the class of 2014 are

After waking from the previous nights adventures at “Kiki’s” house we decided that the next day (Monday) we should all go in wearing matching outfits. Now you must know that, that night I was going to “Red’s” house for our annual last day of school sleepover (ever since fourth grade). So after much deliberation we settled on doing tie dye shirts, jean shorts, flip flops, briads and bandanas (coordinated to the color of the shirt). After a while more of deliberation “Red” and I were appointed as the makers of the shirts since we were spending the night together that night.

So, the plan was set, “Red” was to get the shirts and the supplies nessacary and around 9pm that night I was to go to “Red’s” house and help her out. But this kind of tie dying wasn’t your traditional tie dying, it was cheaper and less messy and heres hon to do it:

Supplies: White T-Shirt, A pack of sharpies, rubbing alchol, a cup and 2 plastic bags, eye dropper.

Step by Step:
1. Take the sharpies and on the white t-shirt create your desired design (words, hearts, smileys).
2. Lay down the first plastic bag on a flat surface and then lay the shirt with design side up on top of it (if designs are on both sides of the shirts then insert the 2nd plastic bag inside of the shirt to avoid color bleeding).
3. Place a cup under part of the design.
4. Fill the eye dropper with alchol.
5. Release the alchol onto the design.
6. Repeat steps 3-5 until whole design is finished.
7. Leave to dry over night.
8. Done!

Any questions?

This may seem complicated but its easier then you think! See, the jobs were distrubuted between “Red” and I, I was to do steps 2-6 and “Red” was to do step one (which is alot of work!). In all we tie dyed eight shirts successfully and it took us about 1 hour (not to shabby I must say) and look no mess!

The next day the shirts were dry and ready to do, so “Red” and I took them to school and distrubuted them to the six others girls. And let me tell ya’ , we rocked those shirts!

#91: Tie Dye A Shirt: Check.

Stay Tuned.


#80 Throw A Wild Party

Attempted Pyramid

Define wild. When some people thing of the term wild they imagine a huge group of people drinking and dancing and then other people think of undomesticated animals. But when I think of wild I imagine a large group of friends doing crazy things and having a ton of fun and under that definition that is how I completed #80 Throw A Wild Party.

Who: my parents, brother and 30 of my friends

What: end of the school year party at my house
When: the beginning of the school year through last Friday
Where: school and my house
Why: to celebrate a year of memories together and for surviving our freshmen year of high school

On the first day of freshmen year, I walked in a totally different person from what I am now. I walked in confused, anxious and terribly nervous. But after a few months past I began to morph in my new self, even though I lost a few friends along the way (maybe more than a couple), I gained a new totally awesome group of friends. Now I’m outgoing, strong-willed and just plain and simple happy. Specifically 3 girls have changed me, “Kathy”, “Doug”, and “Francis” (not real names) thank you so much and I love you guys!

When I arrived at my final days of school I knew a party must be thrown. For three reasons: one was to celebrate the end of school, two was to commemorate a great year of school and three was to see my friends one last time before I left for my cottage for 2 months.The next task after deciding the party should be thrown was to beg on my hands and knees to my parents to let me have it and finally after a week of deliberation they said yes and from there I began planning.

The party was set to be last Friday 5-8pm. At their party there would be a slip n’ slide, junk food galore and other games. The days leading up to it were stressful but in the end I managed to plan it, get all the stuff for it and invite everybody (35 people in all invited).

When Friday came the day was spent sprinting around and getting ready. Before I knew it, it was five o’ clock and people began arriving, once everyone had arrived (about 29 including my brother and his friend) the party officially began. Immediately people began sliding down the slip n’ slide, devouring the junk food and talking. We also attempted to make a pyramid (see picture) but it never quite worked out. By the time the 3 hours gone by parents were arriving, I was hugging everyone goodbye and wishing them a good summer, the food was gone, the slip n’ slide was about to fall apart and the yard was trashed. Once everybody was gone I spent the next hour restoring the lawn.

Now when I look back on it I’m thankful I did it. Plus the party went off with very few hitches and within my definition of wild this indicates a list item well done.

#80 Throw A Wild Party: Check.

Also, do you remember the blog I mentioned two posts ago (#35) yeah well we are planning to guest blog together soon so keep reading!
Stay Tuned.

#41 Go Mini Golfing

Faster is always better. Well sometimes, but still in this case it is. Now let’s reminisce on this memorable experience.

Who: The members of the student newspaper and I.

What: End of the Year Dinner

When: Last Wednesday evening

Where: Olive Garden and Putters Paradise

Why: To celebrate a year well done for the newspaper members

I’m on the student newspaper at my school. I love being on it, writing for it and hanging out with the people participating in it. So, when I was invited to the end of the year dinner I was siked! Originally the plan was just to go to Olive Garden for dinner but soon after I arrived I found out we were also going Putting at Putters Paradise (very cheesy name). So, after a quite hilarious dinner, I hopped in my friend’s car and we were on our way and note this was around 8:30pm.

When we arrived at what was about 8:40pm, we were told they were closing at 9:00pm (cue the sobbing) but get this! The oh so kind lady at the front desk said we could play for free since there was only twenty-minutes left! YAY! And so began the speed mini golfing.

Since I’m also on the school golf team, I (not to brag) rock at putting. On the very first hole, which we sprinted to, I got a hole in one. Hell yes. The next couple holes went by in a blur. All we did was laugh a lot and whip golf balls towards the holes.

When it finally came time for us to leave I found myself quite satisfied with our adventure. It was quite The memorable twenty minutes.

#41 Go Mini Golfing: Check.

Stay Tuned.

#50 Play Paintball

"Tiger" and I

This past Wednesday my brother finally hit the milestone age of 13 and entered the realm of teenagedom. Earlier tonight was his birthday party and guess what kind of party it was! You guessed it, a paintball party. Now here’s the story:

Who: “Tiger” (not real name), my brother, my brother’s neurotic friends, and I.

What: My brother’s 13th birthday party.

When: Last Tuesday through Today.

Where: My house, school and the paintball range.

This whole adventure began last Tuesday, it twas a lovely afternoon and I was conversing with my brother. I said, “So [insert my brother’s name, which I shall not mention to protect his privacy] are you excited for your paint ball party this Friday?”. In return, he said something along the lines of, “Yes I am! In fact, since some of my friends can’t come why don’t you come and invite a friend?”. And that’s exactly what I did and I invited my friend “Tiger”.

The next couple days until that Friday were filled with anticipation and boy was I excited! When Friday finally arrived and the clock struck 5pm, my brothers friends arrived We hopped in the car and were on our merry way.

When we arrived at the front desk about a half hour later, we were greeted with waivers stating they were not responsible for any injuries (oh boy). That right off the bat was a sign of what was to come. Next we were given guns, masks and our ammo, the paint balls. After several spills and much fittling, we were prepared to head out. Now this to me was a scary idea because I was worried about it hurting (the guy told me it hurt like getting slung with a really wide rubber band) but I sucked it up and headed into the range along with 15 or so other people. The rules were simple; you get shot your out, two teams and no firing in the preparation area. Simple. For the first round we were split up into two teams I, along with my brother and some of his friends and some other people versus Tiger and some other people.

The guy called the start and immediately I ran for cover but not long after that I was hit for the first time and it did hurt. Luckily though, I realized that the paintball had bounced off of me (thank god) and I was still in (later, I found out Tiger had been the one who shot me, little wench). Before I knew it, my team had won the first round, woo hoo!

The next couple rounds went like this; start, sprint, shoot, dodge, try not to get hit, laugh, curse, repeat, win, end. But, the last round was different, right off the bat, I was shot in the arm and it hurt! And tragically it had splattered and I was out. Damn. Oh well, for a while there I was dominating but I guess not in the end.

After my team lost, the party came to an end. We shared our welts in agony but overall it was a great experience and I would definitely do it again!

#50 Play Paintball: Check!!

Stay tuned.