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#43 Say Yes To Everything For A Day


Have you have seen the movie Yes Man? Where Jim Carey says yes to everything and has insane adventures because of it? Now take that a minimize it to a day of saying yes to everything and thats exactly what I did.

Who: Ariana, Dylan, “Knight”, “Mac”, I [some names not real names]
What: Saying Yes to everything for a day
When: Last Saturday- Tuesday
Where: Sodus Point, NY
Why: Because it’s on the list

All of this insanity started last 4th of July weekend, where Ariana and I were plotting our weekend
adventures (Please note this is at like 3am and we are extremely over tired (we were attempting to complete #40 Pull A All Nighter)). So, we as always, whipped out the bucket list and chose a few items like #2 Go Skinny Dipping, #34 Build A Giant Sand Castle, and (the only one we actually completed) #43 Say Yes To Everything For A day. So, beggining then we were to say Yes to everything for the next 24 hours. But, don’t worry there were rules; No saying yes to anything: abusive, sexual, drug or alchol related and no breaking the law.

At first it seemed extremely easy, but once we attempted #2 that went down hill pretty fast, as in the water was way to cold and wavey. So, we restarted the 24 hours of yes Round 12:30pm. And thIs is when our friend Dylan came over and he agreed to play the yes game with us. First it started light stuff like turn the TV on and dance but then as the game progressed we began getting harder and harder challenges such as go run down to the beach and back. Basically, the idea was to torture/annoy eachother. Shortly after my cousins showed up “Mac” and “Night” and we stupidly told them what we were doing. They immediatlely began bossing us around with stuff like give me a soda and a foot rub, just nonsense. The rest of the night went on in this manner, just completing non-senseful things. Some other people joined in but it wasn’t anything super exciting.

Even though in the movie ‘Yes Man’, Carol (Jim Carey) is brought on a whirl wind of adventures but in real life the case is far different. I only found myself in situations that I would rather not do and I didn’t learn much from it either. But, some good chuckles were shared and the limits of the human conscious were pushed. Worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? No.

#43 Say Yes To Everything For A Day: Check.

Stay Tuned.

*Sorry it’s been so long sense the last post, I’ve been just so darn busy!