The List -100 things to do this summer!

Bucket List of things to do before Sophomore Year
1.solve rubix cube
2.Skinny dippin
3.hold my breath for two minutes
4.Spin the bottle
5.Win a video game
6.Get away with a perfect practical joke
7.Get a complete makeover
8.Go on a blind date
9.Try stand up comedy
10.Learn to ride a unicycle
11.Start a blog
12.Go camping without tent
13.Enormous pillow fight
14.Be on radio show
15.Bowl a turkey
16.Mud wrestle
17.Go to drive in movie
18.Watch Dirty Dancing
19.Compose a song
20.Play poker with real money
21.Learn how to juggle
22.Whole day movie marathon
23.Cook a feast
24.Touch my toes for more then ten seconds
25.Do a back flip
26.Send a message in a bottle
27.Plant a tree
28.Fall in love
29.Extreme Coupon
31.learn to walk on my hands
32.spend a entire night out
33.Learn how to play a song on the guitar
34.Build a gigantic sand castle
35.Dance in a down pour
36.Learn more asl
37.Carve my name into a tree
38.Massive water ballon fight
39.Go to walmart really late at night
40.Pull a all nighter
41.Go mini golfing
42.Go up the down escalator
43.Say yes to everything for a day
44.have a silly string fight
45. Play a huge game of truth or dare
46. Build a tree house
47. Buy some fashion magazines, pick out a couple of really cute outfits, and try to recreate them for less!
48.Volunteer at the local animal or homeless shelter.
49.jump in the pool with your clothes on
50. Play paintball
51.Put wheels on a sled and go down a really long street and annoy as many cars as possible
52.Walk up and down a busy shopping area with a sign that says “Free Hugs”
53.have a disney movie marathon
54. Build a time capsule
55.have a food fight
56.Going for a walk through the woods in the middle of the night, blindfolded, and handcuffed to your best friend. a prank on someone while there in the shower
58.make a rap
59.make a documentary something at a midnight release
61.Trace my heritage
62.Eat a whole jar of peanut butter
63.Watch anchorman
64.prank call walmart
65.sleep on a roof
66.make a music video
67.Understand the republican party with dry ice
69.empty a gumball machine
70.Scream as loudly as you possibly can
71.Burn a textbook
72.Pretend I’m a greeter at walmart
73. Eat Sushi
74. Force a bunch of guys to go buy feminine Products
75.try going without electricity for a day
76.Make a kids bar for the beach for a day
77.Perform a jackass stunt
78.Milk a cow
79.Get my nosed pierced
80.Throw a wild party
81.Learn how to skateboard
82.walk around for hours without a destination and see where you end up
83.Go to a teen club
84.Be able to do a split a foreign film
86.Play bob for apples
87. Look up at the night sky through a telescope
88.Throw a surprise party
89.Build and start a camp fire
90.Hula hoop with ten hula hoops
91.Tie Dye A Shirt
92.Sleep until 2pm
93.make soda Popsicles
94.Watch a scary movie
95.Try a weird exotic food
96.Catch a fish with bare hands
97.Pass a guitar hero song on expert
98.Go to a midnight movie premiere
99.Have a whip cream fight
100.Do a Chinese Fire Drill

  1. All the best girlo!

  2. very much inspiring ;) keep it up!

  3. I love your list! I have some of the same items on my list as well. I’ve also completed many of the items you’re aiming for. Sounds like you’ll have a blast before your Sophomore year. Good luck achieving your goals :)

  4. Interesting list, I hope you make it. The practical joke could be a letter to yourself. Paragraph one should be totally believable; then build to the last paragraph that should be totally unbelievable. It’s good fun showing the letter to people. Forge a good letterhead! :)

  5. hey, wats up,i saw your bucket list and i just wanted too share mine with you.
    My list is in this link :

  6. I used some of your items on my list, although my blog isn’t very good. Haha good luck on yours. :)

  7. I think this video might help with #1 :) its a 7-part series on how to solve a rubiks cube. It takes about half an hour!

  8. Hey there! I simply wish to offer you a huge thumbs up for your great info you’ve got right here on this post. I will be coming back to your site – The Pilates Bridezilla Speaks! The Soap Box for more soon.

  9. you obviously have no fucken life

  10. that is the craziest things

  11. I’m a teen but probably would be way to lazy to do all of these things like touch your toes for ten seconds oh my god no

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